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Sodium Gluconate
Having more than one decade of experience, we are providing Sodium Gluconate like sodium gluconate powder, sodium gluconate retarder, gluconic acid etc. Formulated with appropriate composition of required chemicals, it is obtained with proper fermentation of glucose. Having white colored appearance, the offered chemical is known for purity and excellent solubility in water. The provided Sodium Gluconate is used as cleaning agent, stabilizer, food additive as well as water reducing agent.
Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde Powder
We, known as the most trusted organization, are offering Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde Powder. Especially used for formulation of various kinds of agricultural chemicals, it acts as plasticiser in manufacturing of rubber. Also, used in cement and concrete preparing applications, it is formulated with the aid of sophisticated methods. The offered Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde Powder is made available in air-tight packaging options of different quantities.
Construction Chemical
Construction Chemicals are widely utilized in concrete so as to improve its physical as well as chemical properties. It helps in the construction of residential & non-residential infrastructure, non-buildings etc. It aids in developing the power of the building construction and offers chemical resistance.
Concrete Admixtures
Concrete Admixtures are capable enough to reduce the needed quantity of cement so as to make the concrete economical. Also, it can better the workability of concrete and gives primal strength in concrete by decreasing the early heat of hydration.
Concrete Additives
We are providing Concrete Additives, which are made to amend the properties of fresh concrete such as coherency, workability, and bleeding and reduced segregation. Also, it amends the properties of toughened concrete.
Cement Admixture
Provided Cement Admixtures proffer durability, water-tightness, high workability, wear resistance, high compressive strength, and impeccable finish to the most complex modern structures, that is expected to influence the growth of concrete admixture industry.
Cement Additive
We offer Cement Additives, which are rendered with overall profits of lower unit grinding energy, cost reduction and greater consolidation of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM). It is capable to resist loads which cannot be eluded via normal-strength concrete.
Mortar Admixture
Mortar Admixture gives water penetration resistance as well as bond enhancement throughout the extent of the mortar joint. It is incorporated with many water-repellent properties that assist in preventing the moisture. It is essentially added to rising the performance of mortar.
Concrete Plasticizer
Concrete Plasticizers stand as the organic or accumulation of organic & inorganic matters that can reduce water content so as to attain a certain degree of workability. These boost workability at same water cement ratio and enable fabulous fair-faced concrete surfaces.
Plasticizer Admixture
Plasticizer Admixtures or water reducers are the high quality chemical ingredients, which are included in concrete mixtures so as to improve workability as well as to boost the plasticity or reduce the viscosity of a material.
Superplasticizer Admixture
Superplasticizers Admixtures are the amended chemical alloys over Plasticizers.  These are rendered with highly effective plasticizing effects on sprinkled concrete. Providing significant enhancement in workability at a provided water-cement ratio, these high range water reducers are suitable for well-dispersed particle suspension.